Normal subgroups are a powerful tool for creating factor groups (also called quotient groups). In this video we introduce the concept of a coset, talk about which subgroups are “normal” subgroups, and show when the collection of cosets can be treated as a group of their own. As a motivation, we will begin by discussing congruences. Our Abstract Algebra playlist is here: ************** You can help us make math videos more quickly: ​Patreon​: Socratica Paypal: We also accept Bitcoin! :) Our​ ​address​ ​is: 1EttYyGwJmpy9bLY2UcmEqMJuBfaZ1HdG9 Thank​ ​you!! ************** We recommend the following textbooks: Dummit & Foote, Abstract Algebra 3rd Edition Milne, Algebra Course Notes (available free online) ************** You​ ​can​ ​also​ ​follow​ ​Socratica​ ​on: -​ ​Twitter:​ ​@socratica -​ ​Instagram:​ ​@SocraticaStudios -​ ​Facebook:​ ​@SocraticaStudios ******** Teaching​ ​Assistant:​ ​​ ​Liliana​ ​de​ ​Castro Written​ ​&​ ​Directed​ ​by​ ​Michael​ ​Harrison Produced​ ​by​ ​Kimberly​ ​Hatch​ ​Harrison

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