Ally Brooke has been pulled into 'The Interrogation Room' to face questioning. The charges? Allegedly committing boot related public disturbances, forgetting her lyrics on stage and secretly writing a song about Loki from Thor AMONG MANY OTHERS. There's evidence and accusations afoot 🗂, but will she be found guilty? WE will be the judge of that.🕵️‍♀️🕵️ INCLUDING: 🎤 her nando's order 🎤 her hit song 'low key' actually being about loki from thor 🎤 having a crush on thor 🎤 her fans and the 'allygience' 🎤 the secret handshake for her fans 🎤 causing a scene in the airport because she couldn't get her boot off 🎤 her upcoming album 🎤whether she'd collaborate with liam payne, jlo, lizzo & bhad bhabie 🎤an embarrassing encounter she had with a celebrity on a plane 🎤forgetting her lyrics on stage 🎤 googling herself 🎤 she plays 'low key' on a kazoo #AllyBrooke #LowKey #LipsDontLie Get more PopBuzz at Keep in touch at 💻 🐦 📸

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